Eucalyptus- Bassinet Sheet / Change Mat Cover


Product Details:

BASSINET SHEET/ CHANGE MAT COVERS - These are big enough to fit a bassinet mattress 80 x 50 x 10cm and can also be used as a change mat cover (depending on the size of your change mat) .

These are 72 x 36 x 10cm

Please measure your mattress before purchasing.

- 100% cotton fabric.

- Elastic is fully enclosed around the entire sheet - not just the corners, to ensure a snug fit.

- French seamed - seams are fully enclosed with no threads exposed for a high quality finish.

- Fabric is pre-washed to ensure it won’t shrink  

-CUSTOM ORDERS AVAILABLE - Please send a DM on Instagram or send a message via the "Contact Us" link below.

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Each sheet is loving handmade in Rural WA 💓

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